guided breathing exercise for stress

Feeling Off Balance & Out of Wack?

Feeling like something’s out of balance? Take back control! I’m giving you my 5-Minute Guided Breathing Exercise for FREE. With just a few minutes a day, you can relieve that tense anxious feeling, balance your mood, regain your energy and vitality, and get a better night’s sleep!

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Natural Relief

A guided breathing exercise offers many of the same benefits as meditation, but is much easier to learn!

Now, Let’s get you in balance and back on track


Use this guided breathing exercise to balance your nerves, and steady your mood when you’re feeling on edge and frazzled


Use this guided breathing exercise if you’re feeling sluggish midday to help you push through that wall of exhaustion you feel after lunch


Use this guided breathing exercise before high-stress situations to get rid of that anxious nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach

yoga breathing for sleep


Use this guided breathing exercise before bed to wind down and get rid of nervous energy so you can get deeper more restful sleep