What pranayama exercises are right for me?

Discover what breathing exercises are right for your physical and mental health goals. Get personalized tips on how to choose the best exercises for your unique needs.

  • Relieve Stress
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Improve Mental Focus
  • Boost Digestion
  • Improve Sleep

  • Increase Your Energy

Why should you take this quiz?

You want a safe and natural way to find relief.

Instead, you’ve ended up stuck on autopilot feeling stressed, imbalanced, and out of wack.

You need quick, easy to learn techniques, that can be practiced anywhere, without interrupting your busy life.

This quiz will help you…

After you take the quiz you’ll get…

After you take the quiz you’ll get a personalized guide so you know exactly what exercises are best for you!

I’ll also send you other free resources that fit into your personal practice.

About Me

Hi, I’m Andrea! I’m a Yoga Alliance registered yoga instructor and a certified breath coach. I help overworked busy people recover from physical and mental stress and avoid burnout using evidence-based yoga, breathwork, and meditation techniques.

I know the struggle of trying to manage my stress throughout the day then coming home and barely having enough energy to make dinner, let alone do the million other things on my to-do list. At these points in my life, I found myself coming back to yoga and meditation over and over again. I added in regular breathwork to my practice and I had finally found the key!

Yoga, meditation and breathwork for me are the special sauce on the big mac of my life. I don’t know how I would manage without these practices.

My goal is to teach others to find stress relief techniques they can fit into their busy lives.