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Reclaim your calm, focus your mind, and supercharge your productivity.

Unwind Your Mind: 5-Day Meditation Jumpstart

Meditation Made for the Modern Mind

Think meditation isn’t for you? Let’s change that narrative. “Unwind Your Mind” is crafted for those of us juggling a million tasks with no time to spare. In just 5 days and 10 minutes a day, you’ll unlock meditation techniques that cut through the chaos, sharpen your focus, and bring a sense of calm to the stormiest days.

  • What’s Included? Dive into 5 different mindfulness techniques, each accompanied by guided audios (with and without background music), so you can find what works best for you.

  • Who’s it perfect for? The skeptical, the busy bees, and anyone who thought they were too scatterbrained for meditation. Spoiler: You’re not.

Like you, I’ve felt the weight of a million tasks and the endless buzz of a mind that just won’t quiet down. Through my personal journey, I’ve discovered two keys that unlocked the door to a balanced, focused, and joyful life: breathwork and meditation. Now, I’m here to share these powerful tools with you.

Breathe In Chill Out™️

Quick Relief at Your Fingertips

Feeling like you’re constantly on the edge of a stress cliff? “Breathe In Chill Out” is your parachute. This mini-course is designed for the uber-busy, the overwhelmed, and the “I can’t catch a break” folks. In just a few minutes a day, you’ll learn how to use your breath to hack your nervous system, calm your mind, and chill out on demand.

  • What’s Inside? You’ll get 3 detailed lessons on breathwork techniques, complete with animations to guide your practice, a cheat sheet for quick references, and a daily habit tracker to celebrate your progress.

  • Who’s It For? If your schedule is packed, your brain is on overdrive, and you’re craving a slice of peace, this is for you.

Why Choose Between Calm and Focus When You Can Have Both?

Life’s too short to spend it in a state of constant overwhelm. With “Breathe In Chill Out” and “Unwind Your Mind,” you don’t have to. Whether you have minutes or just a moment, relief is within reach.

About Me

Hi, I’m Andrea! I’m a Yoga Alliance registered yoga instructor and a certified breath coach. I help overworked busy people recover from physical and mental stress and avoid burnout using evidence-based yoga, breathwork, and meditation techniques.

I know the struggle of trying to manage my stress throughout the day then coming home and barely having enough energy to make dinner, let alone do the million other things on my to-do list. At these points in my life, I found myself coming back to yoga and meditation over and over again. I added in regular breathwork to my practice and I had finally found the key!

Yoga, meditation and breathwork for me are the special sauce on the big mac of my life. I don’t know how I would manage without these practices.

My goal is to teach others to find stress relief techniques they can fit into their busy lives.