Unlock Calm With 10 Mindfulness Meditation Exercises

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Mindfulness meditation is all about learning to observe your immediate surroundings without passing judgment. You don’t have to force yourself to concentrate, or try to clear your thoughts, just observe. This is a key takeaway from all mindfulness meditation exercises.

The method lets you focus your awareness on one single thing, be it an internal vision, an external sound, or your immediate physical surroundings. Reducing anxiety, lowering your stress levels, and boosting your health are all benefits of practicing mindfulness meditation.

How is mindfulness meditation different from other types of meditation?

Because meditation has been practiced for millennia, a wide variety of approaches have developed throughout the years. Mindfulness meditation manages to stand out since it revolves around being present and aware of what’s going on right now. Mindfulness meditation is considered to be an easier form of meditation in contrast to other forms of meditation that require intense focus. It’s designed to raise awareness of the here and now without attaching any value judgments to that awareness.

How do I start practicing mindfulness meditation?

Mindfulness meditation can be done anywhere and at any time. Some people like to close their eyes, while others like to keep them open. You can meditate at work, school, or a time you set aside just for that. You might find it helpful to practice somewhere quiet where no one will bother you. But there isn’t a correct or incorrect approach to practice mindfulness meditation. Do what works for you.

Focus on Breathing

One of the best ways to start your mindfulness exercise practice is to just start focusing on the act of breathing. Choose a relaxing position for yourself (laying down or sitting) and concentrate on the sensation of air entering and leaving your body with each breath. Whenever your thoughts wander, gently bring them back to your breathing.